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Girl Power Hour – Girls Pwning Vizunah Square April 13, 2007

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Attention girl gamers! You’re invited!

This Sunday, our vengeful valkyries will descend upon the crowded streets of the Canthan supercity, Kaineng, and aid our intrepid allies Mhenlo and Master Togo in fending off the hordes of Afflicted afflicting Vizunah Square.

This mission will allow two teams of women to enter the mission together, which we’ll do by having a team in V Square Local and a team in V Square Foreign and executing a “button spike” to ensure that we end up with each other in the mission.

Please make sure that you have the outposts mapped before we gather. Non-Canthans can map V Square Local by completing the Minister Cho’s Estate and Zen Diajun low level missions and then joining a party doing the second part of the quest Mayhem in the Market (look for advertisements in the Marketplace, and ensure that the Canthan with the quest is the party leader). Canthans wanting to map V Square Foreign need to have completed the Nahpui Quarter mission, after which the gates will be open for you to walk in from Bukdek Byway.

We’ll be gunning for the Master’s reward, so this isn’t a good time to play cartographer. Bring whichever character you want, we’ll form teams from what’s available, any profession is welcome. We’ll try to make sure that teams go in with enough healing and damage.

We’ll gather this Sunday, April 15th, in our usual meeting place, The Temple of the Ages, International District 1 (by the statue of Dwayna) and at our regular meeting time, 1:00 PM Eastern Time (10:00 AM Pacific, 5:00 PM GMT, 6:00PM BST). We’ll form teams there, then map travel to Vizunah Square.

Female players only, please. (Females playing male characters are welcome.) Of course there’s no way for us to check, but please respect the women who wish to gather for this event to play with other female gamers.

What: Girl Power Hour – Girls Pwning Vizunah Square

Where: Temple of the Ages, International District 1

When: Sunday, April 15th, 1:00 PM Eastern, 10:00 AM Pacific, 5:00 PM GMT

Who: Girl Gamers

Why: Because girls kick butt!


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