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Girl Power Hour – Girls Pwning Thunderhead Keep March 29, 2007

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Attention girl gamers! You’re invited!

This Sunday, our vengeful valkyries will shatter the cold, jade hearts of the Mursaat, blacken the White Mantle, turn the tide of the dwarven civil war, and avenge Prince Rurik as we retake Thunderhead Keep.

It doesn’t matter how you get your character to Thunderhead Keep, either via the mission path or getting run there. What does matter is that your armor be infused, or the Mursaat’s Spectral Agony will eat you alive. Please make sure you’ve taken care of this ahead of the event – and remember armor infusion is per piece of armor, not per character, so if you’ve gotten pretty new armor from another campaign for your old Prophecies character, it has to be infused if you’re going to be taking on Mursaat. The fastest way to get this done is to get an infuse run at Iron Mines.

We will be doing the bonus, it’s much more fun that way. The mopping up after retaking the keep is a good opportunity for cartographers to explore, as well. Bring whichever character you want, we’ll form teams from what’s available, any profession is welcome. We’ll try to make sure that teams go in with enough healing and damage.

We’ll gather this Sunday, April 1st, in our usual meeting place, The Temple of the Ages, International District 1 (by the statue of Dwayna) and at our regular meeting time, 1:00 PM Eastern Time (10:00 AM Pacific, 5:00 PM GMT, 6:00PM BST). We’ll form teams there, then map travel to THK.

Female players only, please. (Females playing male characters are welcome.) Of course there’s no way for us to check, but please respect the women who wish to gather for this event to play with other female gamers.

What: Girl Power Hour – Girls Pwning Thunderhead Keep

Where: Temple of the Ages, International District 1

When: Sunday, April 1st, 1:00 PM Eastern, 10:00 AM Pacific, 5:00 PM GMT

Who: Girl Gamers

Why: Because girls kick butt!


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